ImageWith the upcoming launch of his self named sophmore album ‘Iyanya Desire’, MTV Base chatted with Iyanya about his music, tattoos and his female fans.

MTV Base: What does your name “Iyanya” mean?

Iyanya: It means ‘Desire’.

MTV Base: So this album ‘Iyanya Desire’ is actually not your first album?

Iyanya: No, it’s not.

MTV Base: What was your first album called?

Iyanya: ‘My Story Iyanya’.

MTV Base: When did that come out?

Iyanya: 2009.

MTV Base: Did that album do well?

Iyanya: We had distribution issues because the guy who bought the album died so it really messed distribution up.

MTV Base: OK, but with this new album ‘Iyanya Desire’, what do you foresee?

Iyanya: I see everything. I see everything that’s good. I see the best things in life. Possibilities, opened doors…

MTV Base: 19 tracks on this album and so far you’ve released three videos already. Should we be expecting more?

Iyanya: Definitely. There’ll be more videos coming through.

MTV Base: Are you going to give us a sneak peak of any of the videos?

Iyanya: There’s a song on the album with Wizkid, “Sexy Mama”. We are shooting that in a couple of weeks. Also shooting “Jombolo” with Flavour. Then “Marry Me.” This year I’m just going to be dropping videos and then I’ll drop my new singles months after that.

MTV Base: What’s your favorite song on the album?

Iyanya: Umm… my favorite song on the album would be “I Got It.”

MTV Base: “I Got It”. Why is this your favorite song?

Iyanya: I don’t know. It’s just my favorite song.

MTV Base: How do you relate to your female fans? How do they react when they see you?

Iyanya: I just try to keep it real and be as nice as I can be.

MTV Base: Have you had anyone stalking you in real life?

Iyanya: Of course. That happens every day.

MTV Base: How do you handle this?

Iyanya: First you need to understand that this is your fan and that she’s not mad or stupid. She just loves you. You need to understand that so that that way you can manage it. You have to be careful because when people love you they can do anything. They can cry and hug you so tight as if they never want to let go.

MTV Base: We noticed the tattoos on your arm. How many of them do you have?

Iyanya: I’ve got a lot.

MTV Base: How many?

Iyanya: I can’t count.

MTV Base: You can’t count them?

Iyanya: Yeah

MTV Base: Wow. OK. Is there anything else you want to share with MTV Base?

Iyanya: Album launch in Abuja on the 24 February, ICC and the 2 March at Eko Hotel in Lagos.

MTV Base: Alright, Thank you. We look forward to hearing new music from you.


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